How I came about to collecting these insights

A review of methods I’ve used to train a machine to draw. What worked, what didn’t work, and future directions.


  1. To improve the machine’s ability to color images without color smearing.
  2. To train the machine to add and complete lines. That’s one method to take simple doodles and turn them into more elaborate drawings.
  3. To train the machine to fix proportions of input drawings. For most of us, keeping the proportions right is probably the thing we struggle with…

Why Antler Norway is especially appealing for founding a consumer-facing software startup

My connection to Kahoot!

AI moves from pattern detection to “patterned” creation and most designers are optimistic about this change.

Left side is a horse running in a meadow. Right side is the same picture, but the horse is now a zebra.
“Horse to Zebra”, Jun-Yan Zhu implementation of cycleGAN by UC Berkeley researchers 2017

AI opening new creative options

Avi Latner

At the midpoint of technology, design and strategy, I build innovative products.; Building

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